Everybody out there who is in the reseller hosting business wants to be good at it and be the best reseller hosting company in the market. Competition is tough as the number of people going online is increasing exponentially, and the demand for reseller hosting is increasing.


Larger companies are too busy catering to millions of people, and that factor is stopping them from being on their A-game when it comes to resolving issues, payment terms, customer support, etc.


These are the reasons why reseller housing was established in the first place, to be able to provide platforms to many creators and their passions and host their dreams.


Reseller hosting is a very profitable business and easy to take care of if done the right way. There is a lot of effort and hard work involved to be the best reseller hosting platform in the game. There are a few essential things to checklist and diligently follow to find the best businesses.


In laymen’s terms, reseller hosting is nothing but a service model where the client purchases resources from the hosting business, creates their website, etc. The firm purchases a hosting package and then re-sells them to the clients a.k.a. the end consumer.


How to keep customers engaged and retain them:


Being the best reseller hosting business takes dedication and effort. Customers have high expectations, especially when they claim to be the best reseller hosting platform. Due to the increasing level of competition, businesses must understand what the trend is like.

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Otherwise, there is a huge possibility that the customers will choose another more engaging reseller host.


The following four main points are a summary of how businesses can not only keep the customers engaged but also retain them:


  1. Customer support at its best:


Customer support is a crucial part of any tech business, but especially essential to the reseller hosting market. Many people find this to be a pain point and often switch the host and take their business to a better competitor.


For example, let us say a chef wants to open a website that promotes their restaurant, they might not know the technicalities of setting it up from scratch, this is where tech support teams come in who must help them understand the process well.

The efficiency with which the team can resolve issues is a factor that significantly affects the preference of the consumer.


Good Technical support is an essential requirement that clients look for in every business, especially in companies that are in the tech domain. To be the best reseller hosting business in town, knowledge of reseller hosting in and out is crucial, only then will the customer support be strong.



  1. Solving problems before they reach consumer:

When a business and their team for tech/customer support, problem resolution teams all sit and work together to eliminate an issue or problem solve before it reaches the consumer, it works wonders in their favor.


Sitting down with the team and doing a test run of the site issues can be found and resolved before the consumer finds faults. Solving problems with great patience and speed also benefits the customer.

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  1. Social Media engagement and visibility: Today is the age of the internet and social media, more and more people are coming online on many social media platforms and are continually engaging in liking posts, sharing them, and sometimes even purchasing a product advertised.


There needs to be a booming online presence with frequent posts on all social media promoting its services. Not just that, there needs to be constant interaction with the consumers or possible future customers, answering all messages, DMs, queries, and any other business they try to have as they are showing interest to invest in the service.


  1. Easy payment options: Online banking, instant phone currency transfers, etc. are all the magic of automation, and it is such a blessing for small-scale business owners as these portals do keep sending reminders to customers to pay for the service opted for.


It is highly advisable to have every option of payment available for customers to pay. For instance, if they cannot find the payment option most convenient for them to use, they will move to another reseller hosting their business website.


Also, including discounts and having pop-up ads showing them will further attract the customer and keep them on the website for longer, which could eventually turn into a deal of them investing in the service.





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