5 Most Dangerous Predators of Animal Kingdom

The common belief is that all dangerous predators are dangerous looking, but it is not entirely true.  Some small cute creatures can be lethal and fearsome. They can be huge like great white sharks and as small as spiders. It is not their appearance that makes them predators but their natural capabilities and instincts. Most of them have evolved a lot over thousands of years in order to survive and feed themselves.

5 of the most Fearsome Predators are as follows:

#5: Tarantula Spider

With hundreds of species, tarantulas are worlds one of the most dangerous predators. They have a small compact body of about 5 inches and leg span of about 11 inches. Small agile body with large frontal fangs enables them swiftly kill their prey.  They wait for small insect prey to pass by them so they can attract and devour them as they do.

#4 Black Mambas

Black Mamba is one of the longest snakes found in the African continent. Their venom makes them most dangerous among all reptile species. When fully grown it can be as long as ad 14’ and can raise its head about one third of its length.  Generally, they love to prey larger sized mammals but smaller prey like birds and animals are also part of their natural feed. To this date, unfortunately, many humans die due to its bite in underdeveloped countries.

#3 Piranhas

Usually found in rivers of South America, piranhas are one of the deadliest fishes current known to the world.  Combination of super sharp teeth and super strong jaws enables them to hunt pretty much everything.  Piranhas are notoriously famous to be able hunt and crush humans within 10 second with their incredible jaw strength.  They have strong senses for detecting blood anywhere in water, so better not get in water when piranhas are around.

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#2 Gray Wolf

Gray wolves hunt together in packs and groups unlike many other dangerous predators A pack can have between 6 to 10 wolves.  They like to hunt prey that try to run away from them and do now attack those who stand their ground.  Gray wolves like to scare prey like moose into running before hunting them down.  An adult wolf can devour about 9Kgs of meat at one time.

Just like humans gray wolves love to hunt and feed on wild deer. Unlike wolves humans use different deer feeders to lure them out in open. Deer feeders have evolved over time into different types such as Gravity feeders and Automatic feeders. Each serves its own purpose.

#1 Komodo Dragon

Found in islands of Indonesia, Komodo dragons are largest and heaviest of lizard species. Their length can be as long as 10’ and weigh about 70kgs respectively. With very strong and sensitive smelling sense they locate their prey from as far as 10kms. They do not get into long chases but rather make sudden attacks with poisonous bites to neutralize prey like deer and pigs.