All you need to know about Eminem’s Daughter Whitney Scott Mathers in 2021

Eminem, who is a maestro of the rap world, is famous for many reasons specifically for music and his social media profile with 26.9m Instagram followers, 86.5m Facebook page likes and 22.8m Twitter followers. Eminem always quiets about his personal life especially about his daughters but he shows his care and affection for his daughters through his songs. But people still don’t know about her youngest girl, Whitney Mathers as she was adopted by Mathers in 2002.

Whitney Scott is the little girl of Eminem as his eldest daughters are Alaina and Halie. Whitney Scott Mathers has a lot of interesting facts about her and is a part of a famous family, all strangely connected to Eminem himself. Check out the Whitney Scott Mathers wiki to know more about her!

The early life of Whitney Scott Mathers:

Whitney Scott was born in 2002, to Kim Scott and her boyfriend Eric Harte. Kimberly Scott was the wife of Eminem before her relationship With Eric. Whitney‘s mother was drug-addicted and was unable to raise her daughter. She was in a financial crisis when Whitney Scott was born. Eminem took the bold step and got full custody of her daughter for a better upbringing. He wanted to stay away from her influence as she was also arrested by Police due to drug possession.

Now, she is living with Eminem and her two eldest sisters Alaina and Hailie. Alaina is also the adopted daughter of Eminem who is the biological daughter of Dawn Scott. Dawn Scott was the twin sister of his ex-wife Kimberly Scott who also spent some time at his house when both sisters ran away from home due to their alcoholic abuser step-father.

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Who are the real Parents of Whitney?

Mathers is the person who has raised her and cared for Whitney Scoot Mathers but he isn’t her real father. Whitney Scott is the daughter of Kim Scott and her boyfriend, Eric Hartter. Kimberly was romantically involved with her boyfriend before her divorce to Eminem. Albeit, Eric Hartter is a tattoo artist by profession but he was involved in various criminal activities.

Eric was not with Kim when Kimberly was in the hospital for the birth of her daughter. At that moment, he had been charged with various crimes and he is a run-in with the law. Hartter is linked with the legendary rapper Bruce Mathers for a couple of reasons as Whitney Scott is his daughter and Kimberly Anne Scott is the ex-wife of Eminem.

Whitney Scott Mather’s siblings:

Most people don’t know about the daughters of Eminem. Whitney grew up with her two sisters but she’s not true blood relation with them. Whitney Scott Mathers has two sisters called Halie Scott and Alaina Marie Scott (Amanda Scott) whom Eminem enjoys very much.

Hailie is the biological daughter of Eminem and Kim Scott who was born in 1995 after 6 years of their relationship. She completed her studies at Chippewa Valley High School and she was awarded the prestigious award for her remarkable achievement, 3.9 GPA. She’s famous for her personality and the daughter of Eminem.


There is more to Eminem’s private life than what you see on the surface. He is a father, rather than just to a single daughter, but to three! One, in particular, his daughter Whitney Scott Mathers, is occasionally seen in the public eye.

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