Best Ways To Increase YouTube Views And Retain Your Audience

YouTube is the community of billions of people where you can broadcast yourself. But only uploading the video on YouTube is enough if you want to get more views, more subscriber and more chances to monetize your videos. YouTube gives much more importance to the viewer’s retention. This means that view time has also great importance with views as well. Apart from the importance of retention and views, the bottom line to retain your audience for more time possible while they are watching your stuff. You can increase YouTube views by link building, generate high-quality video content and buy YouTube views. But each one of those points requires proper goal setting, planning, and strategy. Here, we will talk about some proven strategies to increase YouTube views and retain your viewers.

Engage off the bat

As you all know, the first impression is the last impression. So first 10 to 15 seconds of your video is decisive. Because this time frame is where most of the viewers abandon watching a video. For increasing YouTube views, try to pay special attention to those first 15 seconds of your video. Whether you make vlogs, demo, unboxing, whatever it is, make this time frame (first 15 seconds) popular. But how to engage your audience, here are a couple of ideas that you can use. Use catchy and vibrant music, much like TV shows or Newscasts. By the end of the video, the viewers will feel energetic with learning that will give them lifetime good experience.

Link build from the bottom up

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Link building is a great strategy when it comes to increasing YouTube views. Collaborate with other people on YouTube that are related to your niche and embed your videos in relevant sites. Reaching out these people who have not most massive audiences because they are unable to check their inboxes that are full of messages due to limited time. So your requests never get onto their radar. Find those people who have a little bit more influence and contact with them. These YouTuber are much more accessible and they have also the same goal to increase YouTube views as you. So they will likely to reply to your messages, fan mail, emails, and tweets. However, it is an exhausting time-consuming process. If you want to increase YouTube views quickly, then buy YouTube views is the best option out there. You can get plenty of views in no time that will not only increase the visibility but also give you a multitude of subscribers.

Produce video from your posts

Another simple yet effective way to increase YouTube views is to create videos that are matching to your own blog posts. This turns away traffic from your site to your YouTube channel. You can add a lively and audiovisual component in these videos that will engage to those people who are not good readers. If you buy YouTube views for these types of videos and link your site to the video then you can get not only more views on YouTube but also get ideal traffic for your site.

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