How to use IGTV for getting real Instagram followers and boosting engagement.

Instagram has introduced its new app called Instagram TV aka IGTV. Instagram claimed as IGTV is the next generation of video. People are considering it a competitor to Video-sharing giant YouTube. No, you are not limited to micro-video content because IG allows you to upload 15-sec to a 60-minute video on IGTV. Now it is a great platform for brands or businesses to keep your audience engaged and get real Instagram followers in a fraction of time. In this post, we will talk about the best practices that you can use to engage your followers at IGTV that in turn give you a number of new followers. Let’s get started!

Instagram TV’ Best Practices for Your Brand

If you are just starting out on Instagram then you can upload from 15-sec to 10 min long video. While verified and the big account can upload a 60-minute long video on IGTV. First off, see how long-form video you can upload on Instagram TV and make your strategy to dive into IGTV. If you have a clear growth strategy and goals, it works best. Let’s have a look at what are the best practices for your brand using IGTV.

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Brand Awareness: IGTV is a great platform to increase your brand awareness. However, it hasn’t a search function which is the main concern for marketers. It is based on popularity, the number of followers, and user interest. It gives you a great advantage as it offers a long-form video content experience for the audience on Instagram. Moreover, if you are a brand, it will help you to spread your mouth of word and brand message to the audience.

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Upgraded Stories: Instagram TV allows the users to upgrade short-form video to up to 60-minute video. It was not viable to add discussions, interviews, and tutorial videos on Instagram before the launch of IGTV. But now creators and businesses can publish their richest visual content around on IGTV.

Focus: In order to get real Instagram followers, stick to two to three topics related to your niche on your IGTV channel. You can go deep on these topics with long-form videos. Make your video more interesting and unique and more importantly, share high quality and worth watching content that keeps your audience engaged.

Stick to a Schedule: As you know, consistency is the key to success on all social platforms. This is a new platform that has the potential to go beyond limits, so plan out your IGTV content strategy and stick to a schedule. You can record all the videos in bulk and upload them on time as per your schedule. Always share interesting and fresh content that makes your followers hungry for more content. Instagram TV is just like IG standard app, so follow your schedule and commit to it.

Plentiful Hashtags: Instagram is all about hashtags, so use plentiful hashtags with your content. It will promote your content by making it more discoverable. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags with your content.

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