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How MacBook is better than simple laptops

MacBook was introduced in march 2015 by Apple. MacBook was also known as Retina MacBook or 12-inch MacBook is a line of Macintosh Portable computers. MacBook and MacBook Air have a similar appearance, but MacBook is thinner, lighter and have different colors. There has always been a battle between Apple and other brands. Apply products are love by huge number of people but that doesn’t mean we have a winner. Who will win this comparison only depends on what features a person want to have in his/her laptop. Here we will put the two platforms in feature comparison, it will help you decide.


This is one of the strongest point Mac users use against windows computers and we can’t say it’s unfair. When you use a simple laptop there is more chance of contracting a malware or virus than there is in a MacBook. Macs worldwide make up a small percentage of computers this could mainly be the reason for hackers to not target them. You never know when this could change. There have been a case in which OS X was attacked by Keyranger ransomware and all files on the hard drive were encrypted. This could be an indication that Macs have started to appear on hacking radar. Are Windows laptops more secure than Macs, it is a difficult argument.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most striking difference between simple laptops and MacBook. PCWorld and PCMag conducted the recent surveys in which Mac laptops were chosen over every simple laptop by huge number of people. In many categories like service experience, phone hold time and reliability Macs got the highest marks. There was a category in which Macs scored lowest, it was the percentage of laptops that need repair. It doesn’t seem like a big issue because in the category of ‘likelihood of recommending’ mac topped. If there is a problem with your laptop you will have to speak to two or three companies so that you can identify the underlying issue, whereas if same happened to your Mac laptop you can simply go to Genius Bar help desk which provide face to face support by a technician. Every apple store provides this service.



There is a lack of software’s written for Macs operating system which is an important reason for mac not having a large share in computer market. Business computers applications are standardized on windows Pcs, Mac’s this insufficiency is most prominent in business computering. Even if a business wants to make the switch to Mac it would require a tremendous amount of money and time.


The most Commonly mentioned difference between Mac and another laptop is Price. Mac’s few products lie under $1000, and within this price range there are dozens of simple laptops that can be brought. This doesn’t necessarily mean that laptops with similar specification to Mac are cheaper than Mac and Macs are expensive. Macs and other laptops are rarely comparable so comparing their prices doesn’t really important. Even if you came across two laptops that have same hard drive capacity, memory, RAM, processor speed and so on, each of them would have different software packages that are preinstalled in the system. Users will have to purchase additional software like Microsoft office for Mac and virus program for Pc. The comparison ends on what are the need of customers.