Why is it important to engage with Youtube comments for rapid growth

The significance of the app

The time has brought a lot of significance for YouTube, it is one of the most successful apps worldwide, in fact, holds the second position for the most popular app. There is a package of opportunities and advantages packed in the is of Youtube as it is a great platform.

Many have gained fame from being YouTubers and allowed themselves to reach heights of success. For these wonders to happen you must be aware of the right use of this platform to be in the spotlight and do justice with your content.

You of course are concerned about getting likes, views, comments, and shares on your content. Another important aspect that you must consider is how to engage in the YouTube comments with your youtube subscribers and what importance it holds.

Why you should retain YouTube comments

The whole social media world is based on social engagement. It links to algorithm and visibility for your content. It gives a right to your viewers to express their views about the content you produce.

Disabling the content is stopping you from receiving valuable feedback which is very necessary for your awareness as well. Constructive feedback is very fundamental, it’s doing nothing but allowing you to make your videos better and build a better impression.

Be mature with how you handle feedback to make the most of everything. Engaging in the comments is obviously placing you more in the limelight, the comments you reply to receive emails and the subscriber is most likely to come back.

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Start a conversation, answer questions, let them see how loyal you are to the subscribers so they can always pay more visits to your content.

If you cannot take certain comments or negative feedback likely then the comment moderation tool is the thing for you. This feature allows you to filter out certain keywords for instance curse words.

On top of that Youtube even allows you to overview comments before they appear under the video.

How can you grow through engaging with comments

1. Loyalty to the follower

As mentioned above, when you reply to a comment, the subscriber feels heard and that their opinion matters to you. There is a high chance of these subscribers to come back to your content to engage more and give their views. I mean isn’t the mail they receive enough for them to pay another visit?

2. Another chance to communicate your message

Often YouTubers pin their comments when you miss certain points in the video. Subscribers go through comments more than we think so the chances of viewers viewing your comments are good.

You can communicate about the video, talk about any misconception, and present your views better. This as a result will present a better impression in front of the audience for of course a better growth.

3. Algorithm

Every app we speak of here, the more you engage the more visibility and growth you get. Google+ notices your account as they want people to watch your videos. The more you are engaging, the more chances of your videos to appear as Youtube’s recommendation on someone’s feed and receive views.

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